I’ll have to get creative and think up some text for this… one day…

Perhaps that day will be today?

I’m Mark Morrill. I’ve been around for over a half a century. Soon, I’ll be that age where those you don’t trust don’t trust. Now that I’m here, agism seems even more silly.

Where did “Mutant Jedi” come from? At a MacWorld in San Francisco, my best friend and partner, John and I bumped into Steve Jobs. We had a company that was built on Apple’s QuickDraw 3D technology. During our talk with Steve, Steve gave us the heads up on the future of QuickDraw 3D – “it is so dead!” When the talk was over and Steve was walking away, John shouted out: “You’re the Jedi!” Steve smiled. Later, when I was thinking up gaming names, “Jedi” came to mind. I am no Jedi but perhaps a Mutant Jedi.